Dan Daggett




Dan Daggett is a collaborative entrepreneur whose passion for innovation has resulted in new business lines, new revenue sources, and engaged teams for nearly three decades.

As a leader, Dan brings operational understanding and big picture thinking together to motivate and excite team members to reach new heights. His experience has brought to life three new stand-alone business lines that have improved the lives of those he served and increased income for his organizations.

His greatest pride comes from the value he has added through the partnerships he has helped create, simultaneously adding value to an industry and to consumers he cares for deeply.


His deepest passion comes from creating something new and moving organizations towards the next level of success.

Melanie Munsey

Vice-President of Insurance Strategies


Melanie Munsey has been an Agent of Change in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years.  Her broad scope of experience makes her business perspective most valuable and unique

  • President of a multi-branch Insurance CUSO

  • Board member of a successful and thriving Credit Union


Melanie’s knowledge, business acumen, and management skills are perfectly suited for Daggett Enterprises as she leads the organization as its Vice President of Insurance Strategies. 

Her operational experience is second to none. She has served on a number of Advisory Boards. In an era where creating business efficiencies to cut costs is so important Melanie can advise your organization from the top down while engaging staff on implementation and the benefits of change. Melanie’s firsthand knowledge of the Insurance CUSO will help your team keep more money in their pockets with innovative products that eliminate the noise.   

One of Melanie’s greatest accomplishments was being an Architect of CU Certified, the Industry's first Retrospective Vehicle Service Contract which continues to be a center piece of the products we offer.  As  Credit Union’s and Insurance Industries continue to transition to new business streams, Melanie’s creative approach could be a game changer for your business.