CheckingScore + BaZing = Deeper Member Engagement + Improved Financial Productivity

Protect and improve the relationships your financial institution has with its customers by offering a checking solution that is relevant, more valuable and overall better than the competition.


In just 90 days, we’ll design, build and launch customized checking solutions, completely risk free.

To start the process, we’ll use our exclusive CheckingScore analytics solution to gain insight into how each of your consumer checking accounts is performing financially, helping you understand your customer base like never before. Plus, we compare your performance using benchmarks from the millions of relationships in our CheckingScore database. Based on the CheckingScore analytics, we’ll recommend solutions that deliver a customized product lineup that’s simple, much more financially productive and competitively different.

Upon enrolling, customers will get access to the BaZing Rewards App. With over 400,000+ discounts nationwide, plus services that your customers may already be paying for today, such as cell phone protection, roadside assistance and identity theft protection, the BaZing Rewards App delivers tremendous value to your accounts.

Your personalized BaZing digital rewards mobile app and website will bring excitement to your financial institution and give employees a valuable, yet incredibly simple way to connect with your customers.



  • Cell Phone Protection

  • Health Savings

  • Accidental Death

  • Roadside Assistance

  • ID Theft Aid

  • Bazing Rewards App - Shop Local. Save Local. Gives customers 400,000+ discounts nationwide.



  • Create and offer a checking solution relative to the “subscription era”.

  • Increase the reach of your local businesses and commercial clients through the BaZing app.

  • Increase mobile engagement with your customers.

  • Allows you to offer a new inventive product to your retail lineup.

  • Increase Fee Income based on the number of accounts signed up.