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Daggett Enterprises has partnered with Line 5 to offer an independent auto dealer program to allow dealerships the ability to sign up and sell back end products without chargebacks. With only a small down payment, no fees charged to the dealer, up to 84 months financing terms, the new program is a win-win for independent dealerships. Line 5 offers every customer the opportunity to purchase F&I products such as a vehicle service contract (VSC) from dealers irrespective of their credit ratings, at a budget-friendly monthly payment. This makes the whole purchasing experience as smooth as possible, increasing the rate at which dealers can sell multiple protection plans. 

The program enables a dealership to sell a VSC and other products with no fee. Line 5 sends the cost of the product directly to the administrator. This assures the consumer has their products activated and ready for use, without the dealer paying out of his/her pocket to activate the products. The dealer receives his monthly profits as the customer’s payments come in.